Semantic Versioning

This project uses semantic versioning. Currently that means that everything can change between versions before 1.0 is finally released. However I am considering to release 1.0 soon.


This project is still under development but has reached a somewhat stable state. VpnCloud features the following functionality:

  • Setting up tunnels between two networks via Ethernet (TAP) and IP (TUN)
  • Connecting multiple networks with multiple forwarding behaviors (Hub, Switch, Router)
  • Encrypted connections
  • Automatic peer-to-peer meshing, no central servers
  • NAT and (limited) firewall traversal using hole punching
  • Automatic reconnecting when connections are lost
  • Non-native forwarding modes, e.g. IP based learning switch and prefix routed Ethernet networks.
  • High throughput and low additional latency (see performance page)
  • Support for tunneled VLans (TAP device)
  • Option to hide protocol header
  • Automatic port forwarding via UPnP