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Performance Measurements

Test setup

For details see the contrib folder.

The test runs between 2 AWS EC2 nodes of type m5.large in eu-central-1. The nodes have the following specifications:

VpnCloud version: VpnCloud v2.2.0


Throughput testBandwidth
Native network9680 Mbit/s
Unencrypted VpnCloud5791 Mbit/s
Encrypted VpnCloud¹ (AES128)3918 Mbit/s
Encrypted VpnCloud¹ (AES256)3697 Mbit/s
Encrypted VpnCloud¹ (ChaCha20)3194 Mbit/s

¹: VpnCloud selects the fastest algorithm automatically.

Additional Latency

Payload size100 bytes500 bytes1000 bytes
Unencrypted VpnCloud+18 µs+18.5 µs+18.5 µs
Encrypted VpnCloud (AES128)+19.5 µs+21.5 µs+21 µs
Encrypted VpnCloud (AES256)+19.5 µs+20.5 µs+21.5 µs
Encrypted VpnCloud (ChaCha20)+22 µs+22 µs+23 µs


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